Future Performances

For 2018 we will – with your support – stage a one of a kind public Concert of Remembrance which will pay tribute to all those who have lost their lives in war on the eve of the Armistice Day Centenary.

We believe this Concert of Remembrance, one hundred years after the First World War, would provide an important opportunity for the whole community to reflect on our gratitude to all those who fought and continue to fight for our society’s communal peace and freedom. We believe that, at a time where isolationism and political separation threatens national and global unity, the power of music can be used to remind us all, regardless of age, political persuasion or cultural background, of our duty to honour those who have gone before by nurturing and actively demonstrating a relationship with our fellow global citizens, placing humanity, compassion and respect above all else to ensure our world never descends into the horrors witnessed during the 20th Century.

Unlike all other NTS concerts where tickets are sold in the hope of recouping the production expenses we believe this performance should be free of charge to all those who wish to attend. Our proposed venue, one of the largest appropriate performance spaces in Tottenham, has the capacity to welcome over 1000 attendees. With your support, we will be in a position to present a programme of British music in celebration of peace that will create a reflective, invocative and emotionally inspirational experience for the wider Tottenham community in recognition of this important historical landmark.